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500 error when publishing report to preview v2 workspace and other errors

1) When republishing an existing report to our v2 workspace we get a 500 error and are unable to publish. deleting the report and associated dataset from the workspace unblocked us and we were able to publish.


2) Now that we've published an app from the workspace, we are unable to publish new reports to the workspace. Unpublishing the app and then republishing the app is not an option as the app is already distributed to 100 people.


3) when going to the schedule refresh page of a dataset someone else published, in the preview workspace, the "Take Over" button give an error as well.

Status: Accepted
Helper II



I'm also facing the same issue with the internal error 500 when publish to Power BI site from Power BI Desktop. My users are also facing the same problem when publishing into their workspace apps v2.


Please help. We are publishing from South East Asia region to our HQ tenant in Europe.

Community Support

Hi all, 


I tested on my side, the take over dataset and report publish issue in preview workspace are gone. Please test on your side to see if the issue persists. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Helper I

This seems to be fixed for me now. I published a report yesterday and it went through without issue.


Thank you!

Regular Visitor

It now seems to work fine on my end. Thanks for resolving this!

Frequent Visitor

This also seems to be fixed for me. I was able to publish a pbix from the Publish button on a file that previously failed with this error.


Thanks for your help with this.

Helper II

Hi @v-qiuyu-msft,


The problem still occur on my end. My report connected to Workspace Apps v2 dataset and when trying to publish from Desktop to Power BI site, it still prompt internal error 500.


It is absolutely fine with Workspace Apps v1...


Please help.

Community Support

Hi all, 


Thanks for your confirm. 


@maximus8557 The issue you described is a little differnet from this thread. You can track the issue on this thread. The latest update of this issue is "The bug would be fix by the end of the month.". 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu