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401 response when trying to log in

I am getting a 401 response when hitting the Power BI login page!



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What web browser do you use? I would recommend you clear cache and password history of your web browser, then sign in

Also you can use private window of your web browser, then sign in Power BI Service.


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We're seeing this with 2/10 computers so far after kicking off a power BI project.


It is something to do with the cache as Power BI embedded fails to load (401 on reportEmbed.js).


Using Chrome to access power BI login page we get an instant 401 from the brower, while loading the same page in Private mode will work fine.


Additional notes:

This seems to only be happening to people who have a Power BI account, but we can't log out as the browser can't load the page to log out.

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We are experiencing this issue as well.


Our embedded reports fail to render with a 401 on the call, and returns a 401.


This issue is customer facing for us, so clearing the cache or advising them to use a different browser is insufficient.


Any help from the powerbi team would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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The trick is actually getting to the cookies that got themselves into a mess that prevented logging in.


I'd normally have the devtools panel up and you just couldn't see the cookies or anything there where you'd expect them.


But if you click on the little SSL lock/Info button...


(In this case I've already resolved the problem but what it did show was 10 cookies associated with the failed site)

You can then click the Cookies item and it takes you to the Chrome settings page for

And from there you can actually clear the broken cookies and refresh the page ( to log in once again!