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1) Disable Borders on Mouse Hover. 2) Lock Shapes & Images to Background

1) Ghost Borders/Frames on Mouse Hover
Please please, allow use to turn off borders when mouse is hovered over a visual(especially Slicers, Images, Shapes). Its so annoying when you try to select an item in a Slicers and the border appears out of nowhere and spoils the whole look of the dashboard!

2) Option to Lock Shapes & Images (or any visual) to remain in background.
Use of Shapes and Images is supposed to enhance the look and feel of our reports. As shown in my screenshot above, I am using a gray shape behind my filters, so that its stands out and grabs user's attention. But along with the issue 1), clicking on a Visual(eg: image or shape), immediately brings it to the FRONT and blocks any visual that I placed over it! PLEASE allow use to lock a visuals (specially Shapes and images) to remain in the background. Why is there no concept of ZOrdering in place?

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For item1, please vote on this idea for the feature request.


For item2, please vote on this following two ideas for the feature request.


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@v-haibl-msft @Vicky_Song
Thanks for redirecting me to those posts. I see some of them were created almost a YEAR ago!
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Will they be implemented or atleast been ackowledged by your team?