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Произошла ошибка при установке приложения-шаблона.

Произошла неизвестная ошибка
Повторите попытку позже или обратитесь в службу поддержки, указав следующие сведения.
Идентификатор действия: d49cd38d-6fa2-421b-a808-fe24a9e82c11
Идентификатор запроса: acdb3f94-ddc3-5768-b9e7-266fe0eb96ab
Идентификатор корреляции: f8f3b180-ee2f-c036-c065-12932cc2060f
Время: Thu Nov 14 2019 18:56:34 GMT+0300 (Москва, стандартное время)
Версия службы: 13.0.11356.183
Версия клиента: 1911.1.023
URI кластера:

Status: New
Community Support Team

@aeliseev88 ,


Are you trying to install the app template when this issue occured? There're several known limitations when we use app template, for troubleshooting, please refer to tips below:

Feature Known Limitation
Contents: Datasets Exactly one dataset should be present. Only datasets built in Power BI Desktop (.pbix files) are allowed.
Not supported: Datasets from other template apps, cross-workspace datasets, paginated reports (.rdl files), Excel workbooks
Contents: Dashboards Real-time tiles aren’t allowed (in other words, no support for push or streaming datasets)
Contents: Dataflows Not supported: Dataflows
Contents from files Only PBIX files are allowed.
Not supported: .rdl files (paginated reports), Excel workbooks
Data sources Data sources supported for cloud Scheduled Data refresh are allowed.
Not supported:
  • DirectQuery
  • Live connections (no Azure AS)
  • On-premises data sources (personal and enterprise gateways aren't supported)
  • Real time (no support for push dataset)
  • Composite models
Dataset: cross-workspace No cross-workspace datasets are allowed
Query parameters Not supported: Parameters of type "Any" or "Binary" type block refresh operation for dataset
Custom visuals Only publicly available custom visuals are supported. Organizational custom visuals not supported



Jimmy Tao


New Member

I try to install this application:

Finance Dashboard for Exact Online