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timvw Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

refresh issue sql serv - Your dataset can't be refreshed because the credentials are invalid



I'm pretty new in Power BI so my apologies if my question is stupid but I don't find the issue.

I have uploaded my pbix file and created succesfully a gateway to my on premise data server (sql server).

  • data gateway succesful & data source succesfully connected using basic connection (sql server)
  • pbix file with dataset => scheduled refresh failing:
    • "Your data source can't be refreshed because the credentials are invalid. Please update your credentials and try again"
    •  Server name & database name are the same for both gateway & dataset (servername is like "")
    • I have tried the same credentials as for the data gateway but without success. The pbix file has been created using a different user (windows user) as for the gateway (sql server user) (and it's datasource), can that be the problem ??

Thank you in advance