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Tucker Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Using OneDrive of Business

Hey Guys,


Hoping someone may be able to help?


Quick expo of our current set up

1. We host our data tables on servers in Germany and due to dynamic IP addresses have to access the servers using a VPN.

2. Once on our VPN we then use SQL to write queries/views before bring them into excel using power query.

3. The power queries are then saved as a "connection only" with a data model.

4. This file is then currently on 1 laptop in OneDrive for Business which is refreshed via the VPN and updates the dataset, report etc in Bi.


My question is, we would like to now start to share the datasets throughout the team. We have today tried to use OneDrive for Buiness, Shared Folder but this has created a Sharepoint folder to enable each team member to see the docs.

The issue with this is that Power Bi then can't see the dataset files in the SharePoint folder.


Has anyone figured out how I can share a dataset to allow multiple users to access the power query and use in thier Power Bi pls?


Thaks v much, look forward to a response soon. TB

DavidMoss Member

Re: Using OneDrive of Business

I too have a similar scenario.

Using direct query (live data connections) in PBI desktop to connect live to on premise SQL server data tables.


developmet scenarios: A,B,C.

Scenario A: on premise. No issues as connect directly to datasource.

Scenario B : remote connection. I need to use a VPN to connect to SQL database.

Scenario C : Not use direct query but upload dataset to PBI


Once the dashboard is uploaded to Power BI service for sharing can mobile/remote users access the live data (or refresh as in scenario c).

Can anyone answer for each scenario ?