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Pulkit Regular Visitor
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MicroStragety to Power BI



Has anyone used the MicroStrategy connector for Power BI provided by Microstrategy Community? I am trying to fetch data using it and was able to eastablilsh the connection. But the problem is that although cubes are visible I was unable to pull the cubes into Power BI. The tab where preview is displayed shows error: Expression Error: (Results for this message cannot be retrieved from MicroStrategy Intelligence Server. This might be because execution has failed. Please contact your administrator.) 

Any idea what it could be or how do I solve it.



Super User
Super User

Re: MicroStragety to Power BI

@Pulkit Interesting, first thanks for bringing this up, I'd never heard of it. Most likely because it is Microstrategy that built this and not MSFT Power BI. Did you try the Microstrategy support, it seems they would have a better idea of why their connector is breaking. From my understanding, Microstrategy relies on a backend warehouse, in my experiance that was a SQL warehouse and that connection could be made independant of any plug in REST API call that they built here. (I know nothing about any interface or app front end to that though, which there might be).

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