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JavaScript errors in Custom connector

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Hi everyone!

I developed a custom connector for Power BI and it works fine.

However I've got a little problem.

I'm connecting to a site through REST API. It uses OAuth2 authentification model. Unfortunately they have an error on their auth page.

So when I'm signing in I see the following window:




It does not matter my choice on this window. Anyway Auth process will finish successful. But the window irritates me. How can I disable this window?


Thanks in advance,


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Re: JavaScript errors in Custom connector

Hi @rcyber

Which kind of your data source is?

See limitation here:

  • Implementing OAuth v2 authentication flow for a SaaS offering

Maybe your data source is not supported for OAuth v2 authentication, or you configure the wrong function for OAuth v2 authentication.

Check if you did it correctly?


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Re: JavaScript errors in Custom connector

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Thank you for reply.

The datasource I'm connecting to supports OAuth2.
As I wrote above the connector works fine and authorization process completes successfull.
Just the auth page includes a javascript that contains an error and I see the message about that error.
I've made a little research and found out the Power BI desktop uses its own browser so I can't disable running javascript using standard setting of IE.
Any ideas?