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JSON web services from Eurostat

Eurostat provides you with a method to connect to their public data via JSON-STAT


Here is the "How-To" from Eurostat


Now I've created my URL and what I did was basically the same way as always.


Get Data - From Web - Paste the URL and OK


The result I get is thiseurostatResult.PNG






All the values are stored in the value Records and the dimensions are stored in another Record. I need to create a table where the values are aligned with the dimensions (Time and Location)


This is the desired outputeurostatResultOutput.PNG





After going back and forth in trying to get a table from this URL, I simply can't. 


I suspect that I need to tweak something in Advanced Editor but my lack of M-formula knowledge is not helping.


Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated !





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Re: JSON web services from Eurostat

I'd use the 'unicode' version of the query in this case (


The JSON query basically needs serializing and cumbersome.