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How to connect Power BI Embedded Report to AWS Aurora (RDS MYSQL)

We are intending to create an AWS hosted .Net Core web application (as most applications it integrates with are hosted on AWS) with Power BI Embedded reports.


The reports will need to connect to an AWS Aurora (MYSQL 5.7 compatiable database).



1. [Quick one?] I am assuming that we don't have to host our app in Azure for Power BI Embedded to be used?


2.  A) For PowerBI Embedded to DIRECT connect to the database i.e.  without the data being scheduled and cached in Power BI in Azure, do I need a Data Gateway (and what function is it providing and config is required)? 

     B) Does that change if we feel the need from performance POV to cache the data?

     C) If we filter on a parameter passed (runtime) I am assuming the report data in the embedded report only brings back the relevant data if DIRECT CONNECTINGing?; However, if scheduling the data would have to bring back the whole unfiltered table to Power BI as it does not know what the criteria will be?


3. If the report is built in the desktop and has to have connection details, but it will not run from there once deployed.  Where are the connection detials stored/configured when deployed?  If the "data gateway" is the "route" to the data sources, how is this configured for each report?


Any links to "official" MS/AWS specific article/documentation or videos would be appreciated (or community/web postings if not available).  If you know the answer to one Q, that will still be helpful.







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Re: How to connect Power BI Embedded Report to AWS Aurora (RDS MYSQL)


Firstly, you don't have to host your web application in Azure for Power BI embedded to be used. For more details about Power BI embedded works, please review this official article:

Secondly, to use Power BI embedded, you would firstly create report in Power BI Desktop or Power BI Service. And if you don't need to set schedule refresh refresh or manually refresh report in Power BI Service, gateway is not required.

Could you please describe more about "performance POV" you refer to? And waht parameter do you refer to? Power BI Embedded report is same as Power BI Service report. When you filter the report in Power BI Service, Power BI recalculate the query, and will send the query to gateway when you schedule refresh in Power BI.

Thirdly, in Power BI Desktop, the connection details is stored in PBIX file. After you publish PBIX file to Power BI Service, data that is uploaded from users is typically sent to Azure BLOB storage, and all metadata as well as artifacts for the system itself are stored in Azure SQL Database. For more details, please review this article:

Regarding to gateway, when you add data sources of your dataset within the gateway, Power BI dataset can detect the configured gateway, you can review this article about how gateway works.


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