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Need Help - University task

I am a student and never use power bi before. it seems very hard and difficult for me. Is anybody here who could help me please? here is the task:


Using Power BI adequately import and prepare the data. The focus of your assignment is to investigate the passenger segment of the business. Analyze the available data to gain insights into the following areas:

  • To gain some basic insights into the state of business in the passenger segment we would like to provide some basic stats regarding total, average, maximum, and minimum of transported passengers.
  • The company would like to continue its analysis by reporting on number of passengers and number of available seats by flight type. Also, a comparison of such data is needed based on departure/arrival countries.
  • It is believed that the number of transported passengers varies both between the years and within the years. On a monthly (quarterly) basis, what are some spotted patterns in the data?
  • Analyze the relationship between the number of passengers, number of transported mail, and the number of performed departures at the carrier level.
  • Not all offered routes are equally ‘popular’. What are the top 12 routes based on number of enplaned passengers? What other patterns can you spot on these routes?

After requirement workshops and interviews with BlueSky Airlines’ executive team you have distilled the following KPIs:

  • Load Factor %: this gives the number of enplaned passengers versus the number of available seats
  • Enplaned passengers (in millions): this gives the number of transported passengers, in millions
  • Revenue Passenger Miles (in millions): this gives the total number of miles that all passengers were transported, in millions
  • Available Seat Miles (in millions): this gives the total number of miles that all seats (including unoccupied seats) were transported, in millions
  • Market Share: this is based on transported passengers

Prepare an executive dashboard to follow the proposed KPIs. How is the company performing on different routes and countries on these KPIs? Where are some places for improvements?

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Re: Need Help - University task


I'm a PhD student at Queensland University of Technology. I worked on a similar project: Advantages of a new model for airport passenger segmentation. For this task I imported my Excel worksheets to Power Bi for data visualization. You may also want to check the Enterprise DNA (Partner showcase) with Power Bi -  a case study that analyzes profitability and customer revenue.




Patrick Amrein

My access page:

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