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How to submit your video to the MBAS category

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Microsoft Business Applications Summit speakers, 


We know you are working hard to prepare your presentation. There are countless hours of preparation that go into creating a Microsoft Business Applications Summit session, so truly, thank you for all your time and effort dedicated to developing this session and speaking!  Give attendees a preview of your presentation by submitting a short video to the Video Gallery and tag it with the MBAS” category.  Speakers who submit videos will be entered in a weekly drawing to win 5 passes for reserved seating at the keynote with Malcom Gladwell.  


Steps to submit your video: 


1.  Sign in to the community.  If you are not already a member, register to join the community.  It’s easy – click here to learn how. 

2.  Create a video 
Use the suggested format below for your video: 

  • PowerPoint slide with your picture, your name, and title of your session 
  • Video of your face or voice over the PowerPoint slide 
  • Answer these questions:
    • What is your session about?
    • Who should come to your session? 
    • Why should they come to your session?
    •  What will they learn?
    •  Anything else people should know  

3.  Add your video to the video gallery 
Not set up add videos to the Video Gallery?  Follow the three steps below to get set up and post your video: 


  1. Tell us you want to submit videos.  Contact with your community user name, your session title, and let us know you would like to be added to the submitter list.  We will confirm when you have been added as a submitter.
  2. Upload your video to YouTube.  Videos must be hosted on YouTube, as we do not provide video hosting services.
  3. Add your video to the Video Gallery.  Go to the Video Gallery, click the Submit a Video button on the right side of the page, fill out the form with your video information, select the MBAS category, and click Publish. Approved submitters must include a YouTube link and thumbnail image with each video. 

We wish you the best of luck in your presentation and look forward to seeing a sneak peek video of your session.