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lab 4 - cannot pin answer to dashboard

Why do I not have a pin next to the Q&A box after entering a question?  I can't pin the answer to a dashboard if I don't have a pin icon. What am I doing wrong?  I reviewed the Natural Language Queries video several times and the pin icon is there, but I don't see it on mine when I'm logged into




@dianacris Have you typed in an accepted or recognized question so that a visual appears? In every case I've tested the pin shows up. Could you explain what you are doing and maybe a screenshot of your issue?

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Here's what the lab asked me to do:

Let's try the natural language query feature and create a few visualizations for your dashboard.

    1. Type the question "What is year to date sales" in the text box for Q&A.
    2. Pin the answer to VanArsdel Sales dashboard.

I entered "What is year to date sales" and got the answer, but there's no pin icon.  I finished the lab without pinning the answers as requested in items 2, 4, and 8. 




I've moved on Exercise 2 but when I try to Share the dashboard (missing the pinned answer tiles) I do not have a Share button to click, only Cancel.  I'm assuming the same issue causing the issue above is causing this one as well.



@dianacris hmm. I just downloaded the same PBIX file, loaded it into my workspace and don't have the same issue.

Do you have a free license or Pro?

And have you made sure you are on the latest desktop version?


Just trying to figure out why it would be different...


My screenshot:


Looking for more Power BI tips, tricks & tools? Check out the site I co-own with Mike Carlo. Also, if you are near SE WI? Join our PUG Milwaukee Brew City PUG

I'm using the free version and I do have the latest version of the desktop.   I feel like there's some permissions issue here that I'm not aware of because this is just bizarre.

Which browser and version are you using?

I'm having the same problem. My browser is Chrome, and as far as I know everything is up to date.


I too am having this same problem, I can't pin Q&A to dashboard. I had a message to " try to Power BI Pro for 60 days"; I clicked on it. Now under Datasets/Data Source Creditials it says, " Your data source can't be refreshed because the credentials are invalid, please update you credentials and try again. Then when I hit edit credentials/Sign in, the system just keeps churning. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing here, but I definitely don't get any option to pin my Q&A. Please advise on this. Thanks,




As you can see below, I'm not given the option to pin my Q&A. I had the Free version and my Q& A looked like this below and I couldn't refresh. So when I saw a pop up to "Try free Power BI Pro for 60 days, I did it. Now it shows "edit credentials" below, and when I click on that it just keeps results. Any ideas how to proceed with getting the pin next to my question?





The screenshot you are sharing is for Gateway connection. You can Pin the visual by clicking on Pin Visual icon: PIN.PNG


You may activate, Pro Power BI trial of 60 days. 

Thanks, I didn't realize until recently that I can get free IT support with my trial version. So I've put a ticket into IT to help with this and I'm waiting on them to respond. I believe this problem occurred because I had set up a fictitious business account. I have a real business account with Microsoft of which I've recently downloaded Power BI Pro, but my version is still showing as Power BI Desktop. Bottom line, I think the initial account set up is what is causing this "editing credentials" error. I've already connected with Microsoft's IT and hope to hear back from them very soon. Thanks for your input. 

In case anyone else has this problem. After I installed the Personal Gateway successfully, it didn't automatically take me to the login, which is why I was getting those "edit credentials" errors on my Q&As.  The Microsoft Tech told me it's a problem with Windows 10. To resolve this I clicked on the Windows icon in the lower right corner of my PC, and started typing on my keyboard "Personal" until I saw "Power BI Gateway - Personal Desktop" and then I was able to get the login credentials, and subsequently click on all of the "edit credentials" next to each Q&A, then clicked the circled arrow at the top to refresh the page.


Not able to find the Pin button for Q&A? 

Then Click on the Dashboard "VanArsdels Sales" as shown below and click on "Ask a question about your data" as shown below, then click on the question and you'll see the Pin button. That's what I had to do. Thanks to everyone for your input on this.





Also, you can find answers to this on Regards,

Thanks for sharing this information. Really useful for everyone.

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