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Welcome EdX Students!

Welcome!  We are thrilled to have you join our Power BI family here in the Power BI Community!


Like any family - we take care of each other, share our experiences and help each other.

Like any community - we have a variety of neighborhood offerings to meet the needs of our community.  

And most important - we have FUN!


You will find a wealth of information in this community as people share challenges they are solving, creative and inspirational solutions they are creating, and invaluable guidance for learning.  And as a Power BI family member you have an obligation to share your experiences.  No matter how expert or how novice, everyone has unique experiences that can be of value to others. In fact, we think that you are so special to our community - we have created a special badge for EdX students to attach to your profile, so that the whole community can see how special you are. Claim your badge now!


Our welcoming advice?  Be active in the community on a regular basis.  New discoveries happen every day.  And your input is crucial - as you have fresh, clean perspectives - invaluable!  Share them!  Ask questions if you've searched the forum and were unable to find an answer, or maybe you see a posting from someone encountering a challenge that you just solved.  Reply to them and tell them your solution; and maybe they will be the ones to reply to your post to help you solve your challenge.  See how it works?  The more you give, the more you get!  And we have a rewards program that earns points through your activity in the community - giving kudos, replying to posts, creating solutions.  


Welcome to the family, we're glad you're here.  Have Fun!



Power BI Community Manager

New Member

Re: Welcome EdX Students!

Hi.. Im a novice in Power BI and would love to learn from Edx!

New Member

Re: Welcome EdX Students!



there seems to be no way to contact the instructor.

My edx classes requires a business address (e-mail) to use some Power BI Service functionality.

However, I am disabled and habe no work e-mail.

I cannot  complete the coursework and would like to get some input on what I should do..


Would you have some advice for me??


Thank you, 



Re: Welcome EdX Students!

New Member

Re: Welcome EdX Students!

I keep on getting Migration failed error.

that excel workbook does not contain any query or module to Import.

Can any sugget me how to remove that ?





AnneSmith-LeX Helper III
Helper III

Re: Welcome EdX Students!

good course!
Regular Visitor

Re: Welcome EdX Students!

Hi Sandy and others,

Glad to have this group to support EdX Students..., I have got adequate support to complete Ex.1 in Lab 1.


Dave1 Helper I
Helper I

Re: Welcome EdX Students!

Hey Jan, 


If you are not able to complete this wonderful course only because you do not have work email, the only plausible solution is to create an e-mail account on "". 

New Member

Re: Welcome EdX Students!

I a new member on the course. I am getting some connectivity issues with my Power BI desktop account.


I have been able to create an edx account using my work email. however whenever I try to sign in using this credentials on the power BI desktop, it says its an unrecognized credentials.


I even try the workaround of Office365 trial but there also I am unable to create an account with my work domain -- it says "Not available: universityofmauritius. Try a different name." --- where would I get an acceptable company name?


Thank you in advance for attending to my concern.

New Member

Re: Welcome EdX Students!

Great Class, excellent content.


May someone help me reset the Power BI service sign in account?

I just forgot the password, and when trying to reset it, the website gets unresponsive.


Please help me gain acceess to finish labs 4, 5, 6, and 7 exercise 2, and complete the course.


Any help is greatly appreciated!


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