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Cazzer Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

[STAFF] - Lab 2 Ex 3 Q2 - Error in marking

In Lab 2 Exercise 3 Q2 - I added my answer which was incorrect. I realised my mistake and entered the correct answer but again it came up as incorrect and 2/2 responses used. However, when I clicked on 'show answer' it shows exactly the same conclusion as I added into the cell, and therefore my answer was not incorrect. How do I get my marks back.

lab 2 ex 3 q2 marking error (2).jpg


As can clearly be see the very last piece of text within the explanation says (49.76 is the absolute number) which is exactly what I entered.  

Please can this be remarked.

Kind Regards


Cazzer Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Lab 2 Ex 3 Q2 - Error in marking

I tried to email EdX regarding this as it is extremely unfair,  however all you get is an automated reply stating that all queries should be posted here and that moderators will respond in here.  I have yet to see any responses from any moderators on any of the queries regarding incorrect marking.  Very poor when EdX are supposed to be the 'go to' company for all Microsoft online training courses.  This will greatly affect any survey results when we get to the end of this.


Mr_U Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Lab 2 Ex 3 Q2 - Error in marking

Yes and there are several errors along the way someone should be fixing.   No one to advise here.  


I copied a DAX from the instructions and it does not accept it - can't find VanArsdel.   The File was in error to start with but fixing that did not solve the problem.   More research.    There needs to be some practice work before work for grades is done to ensure we have mastered the work before hand.   Cover too much and in not enough depth and then no work and QUIZ.   Not too happy with this.  After I retired from corporate, I became a teacher HS Math and this is NOT the way one should teach anything.