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Publishing report: why reupload the same data set? Are data increments supported using gateway?

Hi Power BI team,


1. As I was working on Lab4 one of the exercises was: if I reupload version of my report with changed chart but not underlying data, Power BI still reuploads full data set. This looks like an overhead to me: why are report and data part are not decoupled when publishing to Power BI service? This could save some network bandwidth for users.


2. Using Power BI gateway we can establish sync process of the data to the service. However, my data changes every 30 seconds, new orders coming in, some orders get cancelled, etc. Are the data increments supported? So that gateway sync process would publish only new rows as opposed republishing full data set, especially if my data set is 10GB+? Can republishing every 30 seconds be achieved by other means?