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karlb3030 New Member
New Member

Powerbi-Slicers using SSAS-Hierarchies


I cannot achieve using a complete hierarchy (defined in SSAS-Cube) and attach it to a Slicer. Only one level (first) of the hierarchy is depicted in the slicer. I would like to expand and collapse levels as in Excel-Pivottables. Is it possible?

thanks Karl

Azharuddin Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Powerbi-Slicers using SSAS-Hierarchies

The hierarchy slicer for Power BI provides the opportunity to simple select multiple members of different levels of a hierarchy as selection. The slicer can be used with an existing hierarchy or a manual created hierarchy. As of today (May 11) the hierarchy slicers are empty when viewing them in the Power BI service, using Internet Explorer. They work fine in the Desktop. My customer is using the Hierarchy Slicer visual on an SSAS MD cube, but they have found that when they set a default member on the underlying hierarchy this does not change the default selection on the slicer. Setting the default member on a hierarchy does affect the default selection on the built-in Power BI slicer.