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gazoller Frequent Visitor
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Mod 4 : Power BI Service : Data location & access control

Seeking clarification on Power BI Service...


Assume a company is configured for Office 365 & single sign-on authentication with users and groups defined in the Office 365 Admin Center.


I understood Mod 4 to say that when I publish my reports to Power BI Service, they are then hosted in Azure. One can then grant other users/groups in access if they are also members of your workspace.


  • Once published, is the report source data uploaded into Azure as well or does the report hosted on Azure simply linked back to rhe data source hosted within the company (i.e. on-premise)?
  • Will granting access to other users/groups in my workspace to see my reports, does Power BI service present a search/drop-down list of the users/groups or do I just have to know & type them in?
  • Once Office 365 users/groups from the company are selected for access, is it true that no one else on Azure or via the web can access/see the reports?
  • Once access is granted and a dashboard shared, can the user/group having access then turn around and re-share with others who are not in the workspace (either inside or outside the company)?
  • Is it correct that the Publishing to the Web options is different... i.e. it's simply publishing to Azure, it's not workspace specific, and anyone to whom you give the URL can access those dashboards and they can even reshare the URL?


Thank you,