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receivables New Member
New Member

Lab 5

I am working on Lab 5 tests relative to EDX.ORG DAT207x course. I copied the two excel spreadsheets provided on GitHub as part of the course. I think these spreadsheets are missing certain data sets embedded in them potenitally should be in the C:\DIAH\Data folder. Can someone help me in this regard?

SamLester Established Member
Established Member

Re: Lab 5

The confusion here is that the instructions explicitly state to Upload the document, which does not create the data set we need. Instead, use the Import functionality to create the data set and allow you to continue with the exercise.



Sam Lester (MSFT)

lfillion Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Lab 5

Can someone helpe me as well?  I am getting the Dataset for Canada to import but when i click on it to go to it, the message "Almost Done" runs what seems like an eternity.  Shouldn't this be instantaneous?  I have started over several times.