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Lab 5 quiz out of date

Because Power BI updates once a month, I realize it is hard to keep everything in sync. In particular the last question on the Lab 5 quiz asks what happens when you connect an excel file in OneDrive to Power BI. Well, since the question was written there are now two different options and they have different outcomes depending on what is in the file. I think the question needs to be re-written.

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Re: Lab 5 quiz out of date

I got the correct answer according to the video "Connecting to Excel Workbook on OneDrive for Business", I think the question had been created according to the course videos.

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Re: Lab 5 quiz out of date

Hi, thanks for your feedback, we'll check it with the course owner and try to do something with this issue.

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Re: Lab 5 quiz out of date

i am also facing the same issue can you you please guide me what can be the answere ?