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Lab 2 Exercise 2 and Exercise 3

I tried to complete Lab 2 Exercise 2 as well as Exercise 3, in both the exercises i got the first question correct. However the second question which asks for Sales Var % (Exercise 2) and YTD Sales Var % (Exercise 3) both i got incorrect. The frustration is both the times I am getting exactly the same % (-31.92) which is incorrect. For Exercise 2 i got the answer wrong so i looked at the solution, I have followed it step by step and i am still unable to get the correct answer. For Exercise 3 i again have followed and entered all the formulas step by step and ended up getting the same answer as in exercise 2. In exercise 3 i have already wasted one attempt and i do not wish to waste another one, please help me understand where I am going wrong or what am i supposed to do? I believe the whole point to taking this course is to develop a base understanding of how PowerBI operates i need my foundation strong to understand and fully utilize the knowledge gained here. Please HELP!

Helper I
Helper I

I got the same issue 🙂

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Nevermind- it's just because of the way you're visualizing it in the report. I was doing it the same way they did it in the tutorial where Sales Var% is on the y-axis and years below. Instead just drag sales var % onto your report and click the "table" option to visualize. You should get 2.74% now

Are you saying 2.74 is the correct answer ? If so can you please share the DAX formula ? because I am getting -49.76 for the question What is the figure for the YTD Sales Var % measure? (enter the absolute value, to two decimal places) which is incorrect. 

Are you saying 2.74 is the correct answer ? If so can you please share the DAX formula ? because I am getting -49.76 for the question What is the figure for the YTD Sales Var % measure? (enter the absolute value, to two decimal places) which is incorrect. 


-49.76% is correct, but the question is asking for Absolute Value, which is 49.76!




Hi, I got the same answer -49.76%, but didn't understand what they meant by ABSOLUTE, so did some Google and came across this post. I plugged in 49.76 and it's still not accepting it as the correct answer. I am down to the last strike. Am I suppose to put the % sign too?

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I am also getting this as incorrect and when I clicked onto 'show answer' it tells us that the correct answer is 49.76 which is what I added but it still marked it as incorrect

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I thought we were not supposed to discuss answers, but I put in that answer and it said wrong and then I spent a few hours trying to figure out what I did wrong and put in something else, which was of course wrong.  Really tickes me.

@usaeed01- you got it right. There's a bug on this question. Absolute means to convert the number into a positive value.


Apparently if you enter 49.76%, it'll be right. See below.Annotation 2019-04-27 122659.png 


As you can see, I failed! Smiley Sad

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I have the same formulas as you and I can't get it. My result is 0. Which could be the problem?? 


Absolute means NOT a negative numbr (or percentage)

Answer is 49.76%


(Absolute N number = 49.76)



@Admin have you reset this question so we can properly fill this in? I thought I had seen a thread about that but cannot find it now.




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Hi @GillianK

If you go back to the question you should see that the number of attempts has been re-set to zero.  You should now be able to re-post your answer to the question.  I did it as soon as the email came out and it worked fine

Hi @Cazzer , thank you!



I had the same issue . I thought I saw on an earlier thread that an Admin was going to fix this.  Just wanted to follow up to see when this will be corrected?



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This is ridiculous.  The answer tells us "(49.76 is the absolute number)" yet it is marked as incorrect.  How is that teaching us anything.  Very poor quality course!!.

@Admin - someone needs to sort this out.

I had the same problem!! I got 0 for the question even though I had the correct answer. In the previous exercise you didn't have to put the percentage to get a correct answer though. Very annoying 😞

Awesome! I got that right, thanks for the response. 🙂 

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I am getting the same answer of -31.92%... Did you ever figure this out?

Helper II
Helper II



Hope you are formating the second measure to be created in ex 2 as percentage . you require to take out the sales var here. and then derive the  % for the same .you can also share the formula you are using for the same if you are trying somethig else.As, answer to this question is coming out to be correct.

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