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Lab 1 Exercise 2

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I'm up to step 9 in this exercise: 'Load the data into Power BI Desktop. This might take a few minutes.' I As far as I can see I have followed each step correctly to now. When trying to close and apply, I receive the following error message: 'Column 'Date' in Table 'Date' contains a duplicate value '6/4/2002' and this is not allowed for columns on one side of a many-to-one relationship or for columns that are used as the primary key of a table.'


Any advice anyone can give me on how to resolve this so that I can progress would be much appreciated. I don't believe I have done anything other than use and transform the lab data as instructed, so unsure why I have this problem.


Thank you.


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Re: Lab 1 Exercise 2

This is odd, we redo the exercise, don't appear the issue, please re-download the lab files and redo the exercise again.

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Re: Lab 1 Exercise 2

Check the relationships.


There are probably a number of relations that are - automatically - added and result in the error.

Either uncheck/delete relations and reload or make sure the "Autodetect new relations after data is loaded" option is unselected in the Current File section before loading additional data.

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Re: Lab 1 Exercise 2

I had a similar problem with "date" field when I loaded the CSV files. Because my LOCALE SETTING was not changed to ENGLISH(USA). 


Before you import CSV files make sure your local setting is "English(USA)", if so, "file origin" box should read Western European.

If you do not change the setting, it reads your own local setting (in my case it was reading "Turkish) Then in that case I was having problem with "date" field formatting, and getting errors.