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SQLPooh New Member
New Member

Re: LAB 6 Q3

I have to agree with many of the other posts i see here about lab 6.  I found questions, 2 and 4 to have incorrect answers based upon the prior labs and the instructions given.  This need to be corrected in the content!!

kharras1 Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: LAB 6 Q3

When selecting the Van Arsdel Dashboard it automatically selected the reports and datasets.  I have 6 altogether.



Lab 6 - question 3.png

Re: LAB 6 Q3

Please make sure you follow the lab, the answer is fine.

JaeY Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: LAB 6 Q3


I can see many of us are having issues with this question.  

I have 4 contents returned for some reason. They are VanArsdel Dashboard, Lab 4-starting as Report, and Lab 4-starting and Lab5-Canada. 

Also, I have an issue when creating the content, I am unable to view the Content Pack Library.  Can anyone help?


thank you.


Re: LAB 6 Q3

We also repro the issue, maybe power bi be updated, so some functions are not available. You can contact with Power BI Team to confirm the issue. We also contact with course owner to confirm if update the question.