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I don't have a work/business email id! How do I complete this course without PowerBI Service login?

Can someone give me a solution for this problem? It's pretty unique as it seems that none of my other friends who are taking this course have a problem around logging into PowerBI Service. I don't have a corporate email id and am not able to do all the stuff that I'm required to.



New Member

What I did was use my free Azure login to create an Azure Active Directory and then adding a user, which created for me an email ending with "<myEmail>@<myDomain>", which is recognized as work email.  Then you can login to PBI service. Once there you can sign up for free 60-day trial (settings > manage personal storage > Try Pro for free). Link below to youtube video from Guy in a Cube.


Let's fix signing up for Power BI without a work email


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I tried your "" idea, and got this message: 

We can't finish signing you up.

Your IT department has turned off signup for Microsoft Power BI. Contact them to complete signup.

Advocate I
Advocate I

I also would appreciate this information.  Thought by now it would become a FAQ.  



Have you solved your problem? If not, look at Steve reply to my question because I have the same situation no business email nor student email.


I hope this help.



You can sign up an Office365 trial, then sign up for Power BI using the account

I'm taking Power BI course, I have MS Office 365 & a Microsoft account, but still can't access PowerBi Service because it asks for Work or student email no way around.

It's a bit confusing regarding the email address.  To create my address, I just used my regular address and appended it with "".  Example:


Regarding the Office 365 trial, even though I have 365 I signed up for the trial just to get my new email account.  Don't try and make too much sense out of it.





yes this is the way to do it!  create your account as in an earlier lab, and use that.

You must use the Office 365 account to sign up Power BI.

Steve, you're the best, I finally was able to sign in with a mumbo jumbo email that Microsoft system understood. Again, thanks so much.

Please refer the page named "Signing up for Power BI Service" from Start Here!-> Set up the Lab Environment

Believe me as a formal student, I go thru my syllabus or any other instructions with a comb & there isn't any help how to sign in for Power BI with a personal email address because I'm unemployed therefore, no business email; I'm not a student therefore, no university email. 


Anyway, thanks for trying to help.



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Hi, do you have university or school mail ?

use it and enjoy  🙂

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