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AngelRamos_77 Occasional Visitor
Occasional Visitor

Connection Power BI Access 32 bits

Hello everyone,


I was making the first exercise and trying to import Access DataBase to Power BI. However, I have this error box:

unnable to connect.png

 I have Power BI with 64 bits and Access (and Office) with 32 bits.

I have two questions: Are there any solution that does not require re-installation? If not, what is best: re-install Power BI or Office to the same bits version? Finally, if I install the Power BI with 32 bits, will I have problems with files that were created with 64 bits?


Thank you so much


Panda2018 Member

Re: Connection Power BI Access 32 bits

Both Power Bi & Access has to be 32 or 64 bit. Both has to be same. I was having same problem. Then I downloaded access 64 bit, as I had the Power Bi 64 bit too. It worked. I know you have posted this in September. I hope you did it. Thanks!!