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Small nonprofit



I'm hoping to get some advice on the pricing changes and the nonprofit discounts. I'm struggling to understand what is actually being discounted for nonprofits. 


We are a fairly small nonprofit. We'll have 1-2 people building reports and maybe up to 20 people consuming them. 


Now that the pricing change has happened, I'm thinking we'll need to buy pro licenses for any user who will edit or view the dashboards--is that correct? The nonprofit discount just makes the pro licenses a bit cheaper than they would otherwise be, but not free--is that right? 



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Re: Small nonprofit

I have pretty much the same question.  We are a larger nonprofit, greatful for charity pricing on our E3 subscription for 350 people, and finding that Power BI dashboards could possibly address the needs of management.  We would have 1 or 2 people creating the dashboards and perhaps as many as 20 viewing, no collaboration or updating, just viewing.  Would we just buy Pro licenses for the 20+ people who touch Power BI, or upgrade them to an E5 subscription, or some better option?