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Power BI embedded price

HI, We are sw dev company and I'm in charge to look for a BI solution to embedd in our web based app. I followed a lot of video and discussion (this in particular to try to understand the embedding models and the prices, but I could not understand well.

I think that one the following model can be interesting for us:


- Power BI Embedded


What we want to offer to our customers is:

  • a set of standard, pre-designed by us, OEE, KPI indicators (numbers, gauges, etc) that all the customer’s users can view, not design, also with anonymous access, inside our web based system that it runs inside the customer’s intranet. So in that case we don’t have a user based license model. This module is part of the system by default.
  • an on demand module that enable our customers to design their own analysis, especially pivot tables/cubes and charts, and to publish these for specific users. In this case the users estimation for a single customer may be:

a small deployment:                      1 designers, 1 to 3 viewers

an average deployment:             1 to 3 designers, 5 to 6 viewers

a large deployment:                      1-3 designers, 10 to 30 viewers


What is the right model? What the price?



  Alessandro Strazzari