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Power BI Embedded vs Premium licensing

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Hi all,


We are an organisation about to supply Power BI Embedded to around 500 users across a number of clients - mostly light use. Looking at the new licensing arrangements, it appears that we would now have to go from around 10,000 sessions per month (about £370 per month) to buying a P1 node at £3,100 per month. 


Is my understanding right? Is there still a future for the Embedded pricing model? 

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Re: Power BI Embedded vs Premium licensing



Moving the Power BI Embedded option to Power BI Premium is a terrible option for us. As a small/medium company, I just made the switch to Power BI. A main reason was the Power BI embedded service. We want to use the Power BI embedded for just 20 users (our clients). It would be absurd for us to pay the full power BI premium price. We will consider heavily switchting back to our old BI platform.


Please tell me that Power BI embedded will not only be available for Power BI premium. For us, we do not have a need for being on-premise, and it would be absurd to pay an absurd amount of money per month for around 20 power bi pro users and 20 power bi embedded users (our clients).





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Re: Power BI Embedded vs Premium licensing

Hi Richard - sounds like you're doing similar to us.


If you are a small developer looking to provide dashboarding for specialist data sets, are you going to take the risk of undertaking that development if your licensing costs are going to start at £37,200 per annum? 

You either have to charge your clients a premium price and/or get a large number of clients to sign up. I reckon you need about 100 clients happy to pay £800 per annum for your dashboard at a minimum to cover the licence, the SQL Azure DTUs (if relevant) and website costs, plus the costs of development, support and maintenance. 


With Power BI Embedded, you could take the risk as the costs rose in line with the number of clients - thus there were no big licensing cost risks at the start of the project - just the time spent and getting a return for that over time.


With the new Premium model, which only suits large corporations, it means that there can be little development in the SME sector as the risks are too great. 

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Re: Power BI Embedded vs Premium licensing

We have an embedded solution for a customer that is used by about 10 users.  There is no way that I can justify over £3,000 a month for one customer to buy processing power that is excessive to what is needed.  I agree with the comments above that this solution is great for the big guys, however smaller companies will not be able to justify that kind of expense.


I hope Microsoft re-thinks their pricing policy for companies that do not need what is on offer, otherwise we will need to look at other solutions.



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Re: Power BI Embedded vs Premium licensing

As a business owner buying into, contributing to and selling Power BI to customers as a small BI Specialist company we're VERY diappointed with the recent changes wrt embedding Power BI..!!
Developing a Power BI analytics capability with the ability for a small customer to embed this ability into their web-app and "pay as you use" based on tokens was what we "sold" to our SME customers.

Even with the reduced Power BI Premium entry level most of our customers is sitting dry and our image is seriously damaged having "sold" what we thought to be the differentiator between Power BI and other competitors in market!!

Seriously hoping and trusting the Power BI team will re assess what they have done! Otherwise we will have to manage damage and change our staratagy away from Power BI!

Johan du Preez, CEO Synapse-Junction

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Re: Power BI Embedded vs Premium licensing

I am very glad I have not implemented Power BI for any customer yet, and that this change just before we were going to. We now have projects running with customers where we are looking at the possibilities of using PowerBI, and the possibilities were great up until this change. Now maybe one of the companies are able to justify the monthly cost, while others simply snickers when they hear the price and wave their hand at me to go away.


I'm starting to feel that I've wasted my time with PowerBI, and that its only for large American corporations of a size that is no existent in my country.