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Power BI Embedded vs Premium: No more Azure billing ?

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With the migration to the new Power BI Premium offering, it seems that there will be another important change: billing will not be charged in azure, but as an independant service.


As SaaS provider, we often have dedicated budget allocated on Azure (EA or prepaid credits). Billing Azure Premium as an independant service (or even integrated with Office 365) is a nonsense as a service provider.


We would like to aggregate all our resources in one environment where we could track usage and costs.


As is, Power BI Premium seems to target more big Power BI Pro customers (with specific needs for internal usage and/or big resource consuption) and give up on ISV/SaaS.



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Re: Power BI Embedded vs Premium: No more Azure billing ?

We are also very interested in the answer to this.  We are in a similar circumstance to the OP.  We've been utilizing PowerBI Embedded heavily, and this change is a significant hindrance to our business, especially for our current volume of reports being consumed through embedded (fairly low as we ramp up, being forced to move to Office billing bumps up our minimum cost to at least 625-1k, AND does not fall under our credits)


Is this an intended/permanent change?  Is there any chance PowerBI Premium will be offered through Azure?