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Re: Power BI Embedded vs Premium: Clarifications

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Quote: from page 13 "

..  Wish me luck moving from Power BI Embedded (old) to Power BI Embedded (new)! I am though really worried that the 'peak renders per hour' throttling will prove financially too expensive if my users use the dashboards too much (irony!).


Financially it is a huge risk, only mitigated by the fact that I have a loyal set of customers already. If I was starting from scratch, I don't think I would go ahead - too much financial risk still.


By running on A1 for 2/3rds of the time (i.e. not through the night), my Power BI running costs will be about $6,000 for the year. I.. "


We are in a similar postition to you. How difficult was it to move from Power BI Embedded (old) to Power BI Embedded (new)! Is there any documentation? Don't you lose the benefits of the Power BI Portal such as scheduled refreshes, and the Portal UI features in general (I understand you likely use Embedded for most things). How did the pricing work out for you - more or less expensive than you imagined? How was performance - I know you had some concerns. Also did you implement the turning off feature and did it save you $$?