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Power BI Embedded Premium - API and questions

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Guys, I have decided to create a new thread as I can't find any answers to the questions I have. 


  • There is a doc explaining prices ("Embedded Analytics Capacity Planning..."). The cheapest option (hahaha) is $625. There is a column for Deployment Option (PaaS or SaaS). What is that mean in Power BI terms? 
  • With $625 deal, are we still able to deploy reports, data sets, etc using REST API? With our small product, we currently provision a workspace with Customer Sign Up and after deploying bunch of reports for that customer. It is impossible to do it manually. Is that API available or will be available?  Or it will be completelly disconnected from Azure RM?
  • RLS. Before we were making tokens with claims. Now, by using admin account, are we able to create those claims as part of th generated token?