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How to share reports with non-business users



I am doing some volunteer work outside of my normal profession.  I have developed a report in Power BI that I would like to share with some of my fellow volunteers.  I would like to be able to publish this report and make it available to be viewed securely via the internet to just these other volunteers.  I am trying to figure out how to do this without using my normal work email address.  I am more than willing to pay for a Power BI Pro subscription, but it won't let me use my regular email address to try and register for the Power BI Pro service.  Is there another way to do this that I haven't come across yet?


Thank you for any help / guidance you can provide.

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Re: How to share reports with non-business users

I am actually doing the same thing. You can sign up with Microsoft as a nonprofit, but it won't let you use any regular e-mails such as hotmail, gmail, etc. 


I unfortunately cannot recommend PowerBI as a sharing tool, however, due to the cost, especially if you are a nonprofit. Each user that you want to share a report with is required to have their own license of PowerBI Pro.

Either that, or you publish all your data to the web instead, where it can be stolen/violate your privacy policy.