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sumx memory error without filters

  • Hi,


I'm trying to evaluate the total allocation percentage for our project like

person 1  project0 20% 

Person 1 project1  70%

Person 1 project3  10%

Person 2 project0   90%

Person 2 project1  20%


We need a final output of total allocation for each person... I achieved this using the below formula. However, when we removed the filters we are getting the out of memory error...


Total = sumx('projects', [allocation%])


Is there any alternative measure that I can create instead of the sumx to avoid the memory issue when we remove the filters. 


Note: we are getting Correct value using the above function. Just need to fix the performance issue..

Super User
Super User

Please provide sanitized sample data that fully covers your issue. 

Please show the expected outcome based on the sample data you provided. Screenshots of the expected outcome are ok.


Here is the screenshot of the report. In this we have to get the Total allocation of each person(Example: Stefanie Gran is allocated in 3 projects 140%, 10%, 10% and total is 160%.)  Like, we need to get the total of allocation % for each person. I have selected two projects in the Top Filters an if we remove that filter, visual will load and say memory error. 

Cannot help you from a screenshot. Please provide sample data in usable format.

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