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secure power bi login using company internal user account

Hi all Smiley Happy


My client is about to upgrade his licence to the "premium" level.
He would like to embed secured power bi reports in a WordPress website using the I-Frame option to allow users (of the company he is doing data mining for) to watch securely on his WordPress site .
1. We would like to allow our client company internal users to be able to login to the power bi system trow their our company internal account (same was as with Facebook and google login services).
Is it possible to do this with power bi (use an external account in order to preform the user login to his power bi account) while using the I-frame emmbeding option?
2. We also want to use & share one power bi user account with several external users account of the company
- i am a company employ, i have my own internal company user account and i use it when i want to login to any system i use in the company i work for (same way i have my own Facebook account )
- We want to allow users in our company to login with their own company internal user account to power bi  using the same power bi user account.
This way one power bi user can be used for several company users who have the same "view" permissions we set in the power bi panel for that single power bi user who they all will use and  we won't have to generate and maintain many power bi users,instead we will associate several (same security level) company internal users accounts to the same power bi user.
externallogin diagram.jpg


We would appriciate any word of advice Smiley Happy


Thank you all!