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Silko Helper II
Helper II

Re: report embed problem

Hi everyone,


it looks like Microsoft has taken care of this issue. I didn't change the code and it started working. It is still a little bit bugy for some types of visuals. But it renders now. The errors and warnings I get for some of the reports now:




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New Member

Re: report embed problem


I downloaded the sample,I registered my app and got back clientId and clientSecret. The when I run the code and clicked the button "GetReport", I got the empty response back. the following is the responseContent. I'd like to know why. Please help








brenkehoe Helper I
Helper I

Re: report embed problem

I have it the other way around wherby i can embed reports fine but when i try the loadTile function i get a javasccript error after posting the auth details to the iframe. The error occurs because it is trying to parse undefined. The reports work in the same page but not the tiles any ideas ?


Also i notice that standard users can view embedded reports with pro content is this by design ?

JasonDunbar Resolver I
Resolver I

Re: report embed problem

Sorry folks, I've not been following along as I'm on Holiday (still am for a couple of weeks) and often have no internet connection for many days 🙂


Anyhow, just a quick update from my side... I have a case open with MSFT to investigate why it did not initially work as expected. Since then, slow progress on their side.


However, I kept checking back periodically to see if anything had changed and about a week or so after opening the support case, it magically started working as you'd expect. Both the sample from MSFT and my (slightly) modified version to make it more dynamic. Sure, there are still one or two script errors which I think people here have already pointed out, but it does at least render a report.

My other computer is an Azure data centre.
Microsoft Roshna

Re: report embed problem

I'm trying to embed Power BI report in a UWP app. I have followed all the steps in the tutorial but I get a continuous progress bar in the iframe and the report doesn't load. Any help to figure out this issue would be great!

New Member

Re: report embed problem

<html lang="en">
        <script type="text/javascript">
            // post the auth token to the iFrame.
            function postActionLoadReport() {

                // get the access token.
                accessToken = '<?php echo $accessToken;?>';
                // return if no a
                if ("" === accessToken)

                // construct the push message structure
                // this structure also supports setting the reportId, groupId, height, and width.
                // when using a report in a group, you must provide the groupId on the iFrame SRC
                var m = { action: "loadReport", accessToken: accessToken};
                message = JSON.stringify(m);

                // push the message.
                iframe = document.getElementById('iFrameEmbedReport');
                iframe.contentWindow.postMessage(message, "*");;
            <p><b>Embedded Report</b></p>
            <table> <tr>
                            <iframe id="iFrameEmbedReport" src="<?php echo $reportURI;?>" onload="postActionLoadReport()" height="768px" width="1024px" frameborder="1" seamless></iframe>
Frequent Visitor

Re: report embed problem

Power BI Supports for embed power BI dashboard on your website via IFrame.

Embed the powerBi report in html iFrame



New Member

Re: report embed problem

When we are using ADFS while embedding the dashboard into our application, the office365 login page does not seem like rendering inside the iframe. Is it a security issue?

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