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power bi embedding

Hi All,


I am asked to push visuals from Microsoft power BI into our organisations web app. A different team of developers basically works on the development and maintenence of that web application. I work on the data analysis side and power bi deployment. I have gone through the documentations from Microsoft. I have followed the instructions which they have given with "App owns data" and was successful till embedding a sample dashboard in a localhost page. Now when all the coding examples begin in the document: 



embed document coding part.JPG

























I fail to understand that where all these codes gets executed? Do i need to tell the development team of our web application to insert all these codes into the source code of our application ? Or i can myself achieve the embedding part without distrurbing anyone as trying to do anything new have many trial and errors.


Please help if this can be done by me by not changing anything in the source code of the application ? and if yes then where do i put all these lines of code to achieve successful execution. 

If no, what should i ask my dev team to do ?


Thanks Ton !!!