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kaarthick Occasional Visitor
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power bi dataset refresh from databricks

I'm trying to refresh the powerBI dataset from data bricks. The report data is from databricks in a direct query mode and we dont want to use the username password.

I'm using the sample code from MS site.

def authenticate_client_key():
authority_host_uri = ''
resource_uri = ''
api_url = ''

tenant = 'My tenantID'
authority_uri = authority_host_uri + '/' + tenant
client_id = 'service principle Id'
client_secret = 'service principle key'

context = adal.AuthenticationContext(authority=authority_uri,
mgmt_token = context.acquire_token_with_client_credentials(resource_uri, client_id, client_secret)

mgmt_token =mgmt_token.copy()
if "expiresOn" in mgmt_token and "expiresIn" in mgmt_token:
mgmt_token["expiresOn"] = mgmt_token['expiresIn'] + time.time()

ast = {re.sub('([a-z0-9])([A-Z])',r'\1_\2',k).lower(): v
for k, v in mgmt_token.items()}

return ast

creds = authenticate_client_key()

groupid = 'my groupid'
groupsPath = 'groups/'+groupid
datasetid = 'my datasetid'
uri = ''+groupsPath+'/datasets/'+datasetid+'/refreshes'

bearer_token = 'Bearer ' + creds.get("access_token")
header_gs = {'Authorization': bearer_token, 'content-type': 'application/json'}
r =,headers=header_gs)

I'm geting the token but the still getting the response 401 error. I can refresh the dataset manually in the powerbi site but when I try to refresh using API it is not working.

The principle account is having all access to power Bi and it is configured based on MS document.