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Helper I
Helper I

'pbiviz new --template slicer' no longer working for apiVersion 2.6.0



I noticed that the 'slicer' template does no longer work:

  1. The code in 'visual.ts' is identical to the code from the 'default' template, not the 'slicer' template.
    Something clearly goes wrong here.
    Other files like 'capabilities.json' seem fine.
  2. pbiviz.json still refers to a (non-existing) dependencies.json file
    This is probably carried over from the older API version and can be fixed by replacing:
    "dependencies": "dependencies.json"
    "dependencies": null

Does anyone know a workaround for 1) above?

Can this please be put on a list to be fixed.




Helper I
Helper I

Looking at the history of

I see that the slicer visual.ts never contained any meaningful code, it is simply the default visual template with the well known 'count' statement.

I am a bit puzzled now, has the 'slicer' template ever worked?

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