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biware New Member
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install on premise data gateway non admin user

Hi everyone,  We are trying to develop a cloud reporting application for our cutomers using Powerbi Embedded and I'm wondering if is possible for our customer to install on-premise data gateway with a non admin user.

I try to explain better.

Each customers has an on-premise sql server database and the idea is to allow customers to install the on-premise data gateway and connect it to azure on their own with a user who is not a powerbi administrator (of course we cannot share our admin credential with all customers). That user shoul be just able to connect the on-premise data gataway to azure but not allowed to connect to poewerbi as administrator or to login in the azure portal.

We also investigated the possibility of customizing the on-premise gateway setup but it seems not possible.


Thanks all,


fabiuzz Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: install on premise data gateway non admin user

Same issue...


In case of distribuited datasources and centralized service with PBI Embedded, every single customer should have a way to register his own data gateway, without any knowledge of back-office engine (azure portal).

At least he should have a specific credential able to connect the on-premise data gateway and nothing more.


Does anyone know how can I solve that?