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embedded report-filters are not being set

I've embedded a report into our application. I want to set filters on the report. But I do not succeed.

The application is an Angular 8 application and the scripting language is Typescript.


These lines are embedding the report and attempting to setfilters on it:



    this.reportContainer = <HTMLElement>document.getElementById('embedContainer');
    const powerbi = new pbi.service.Service(pbi.factories.hpmFactory, pbi.factories.wpmpFactory, pbi.factories.routerFactory);
    const embeddedReport = powerbi.embed(this.reportContainer, this.configuration.getConf()) as Report;

    console.log("filters: ", embeddedReport.getFilters()[0]);



This is the addReportFilters-function itself:



  private addReportFilters(pbiReport: Report): void {

    const urlFilter = new ReportPdfUrlFilterModel(EnvironmentUtils.hostnameStartsWithWWWW(), EnvironmentUtils.isEap());

      function () {
        console.log("!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Report filter was set.")
    ).catch(function (errors) {
      console.log("Errors: ", errors );



The "Report filter was set."-logstatement is never logged in the console.


Can anyone see what I am doing wrong?


Best Regards

Mohammed Y. Hussain


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