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datasets.setAllConnections not working in Node SDK and CLI Tool (BUG?)

I am not able to provide a correct connections string to this function. Neither with the PowerBi CLI Tool nor with the node SDK.



[ powerbi ] Error updating connection string
[ powerbi ] parameters[valueElement] must be of type object.


my connection string looks like this


-s connectionString: data;initial catalog=Sample2;persist securityinfo=True;encrypt=True;trustservercertificate=False


I not sure if this is a bug.


Does Any succeded in doing this ?






Thanks for reporting this issue.  Can you please log an issue with your repro steps in our Github site @


ok. I will. I wonder that this basic Function is not working.



Thanks for fixing the issue. I now can upload the connection string.

Below my Request


WebResource {
  rawResponse: false,
  queryString: {},
  method: 'POST',
   { 'Content-Type': 'application/json; charset=utf-8',
     authorization: 'AppKey cAY0b0dCSSbg.......NzKAHhr7sukaxkZ9BfOL94gopjilKcdpLTKz0v2qMlw==' },
  url: '',
  body: '{"connectionString":"data;initial catalog=MyDB;persist security info=True;encrypt=True;trustservercertificate=False"}' }
Jsonstring [object Object]

perhaps i missunderstood "initial catalog" ? I insert the db name there.

It seams not to work. I double checked everysting. The report is not updated. Yes i use directQuery.


Did anybody got this to work ?


P.S: If i reload the ifame everything is uptodated. Also if i check when the report was last refreshed it shows me the date of i triggered setAllConnections(). But the Data is still the same.



Can you explain the new issue?  You mentioned everything is up-to-date, but the data is the same...?  Has the underlying data changed in your datasource?

Yes the data changed. A new row is added every 30 sec. I would expect all visuals get updated when I trigger updateallconnections. They are not.
But if you go into zoom mode of a specific visual you get the time when the dataset was updated. It is the time I triggered updateallconnections. But still all visuals rely on the old data initial data i loaded powerbi embedded.
Does this help ?


The report will not automatically update on the client side when new data becomes available.  We are working on enhancements to the JavaScript SDK that will make this easier.  Also - you should not have to call `setAllConnections` again.  Assumming you setup your dataset as a direct query dataset then the data should be pulled on each report load as well as each intersection reqeust for new data (aka applying a filter).

mmh. Yes i am using directQuery. I don't request new data every time (aka filter). I use a slicer to filter on DateTime for example. 

In my perfect world this would also update the data set. Any tip for a workaround ?


You mentioned 'on enhancements to the JavaScript SDK'. I guess you refer to the dev branch. I can't get this to work. 




Thank you for your replies !



you are right each time i load a report, the data is refreshed.

Loading the whole iframe takes to much time und is not a solution for us.


Could you please explain what the new sdk makes different in terms of a refresh ? 

We really need a way to refresh the visuals after some time automatically. 




This support is coming as part of the JavaScript SDK roadmap.  Keep an eye out on our blog and developer portals for more information.

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