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better way to automate data ingestion from third party rest api's

I am new to power bi. I was asked to automate the data ingestion from a third party rest api's and make this data available for power bi reports.

Currently I built a Azure's logic app which gets the data from third party rest api and transforms the data and push it to power bi streaming push datasets. 


I am not sure if its an ideal/best solution for this requirement as I see few power bi apps like Salesforce, Google Analytics etc.. where we can directly connect and get data incrementally (through scheduled refresh). 


I need a review/comments on the approach I used and also is there a better way to automate the data ingestion?

My customer is not very technical and they just want a system which is less maintainable. Any help would be highly appreciated.

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Super User III

What is the nature of the data? What are the customer expectations in terms of keeping historical data? Does your customer value the difference between snapshots and event based reports?

My understading is that the data is descrete in nature. Customer is looking to see the reports for last 9 months of data. I don't think they value the difference between snapshot and event based reports.  

Use an external process (Power Automate, PowerShell or whatever tool you like) to pull the data from the source and stuff it into a SQL Server database.  Then use that as the source for Power BI.


Power BI is not a data storage tool, it is a reporting tool. Don't use it for storage, especially not for data you cannot recover in other ways.

Thank you for the suggestion.

How does it works when we connect the salesforce objects or any standard connectors from power bi directly? I believe its stored in power bi datasets.

It's stored in  Power BI datasets are just there for the consumption. If your dataset goes bad/gets corrupted/deleted you can always re-load the data from

Currently I'm pulling the data from third party system through rest apis. Third party system stores the data and we can pull it anytime we want through their rest apis. 
So is it feasible to build a custom connector for this api and pull the data similar to salesforce?

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