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Writeback to Oracle database or SSAS server

Hi , 

We have SSAS tabular model and Multidimensional model on top of a Oracle Data warehouse . The reporting is done through  Power BI via a live connection to SSAS layer .


We have following requirements

  • Enable write back functionality for the users to enter comments that will be embedded into the report. 
    Question : Is it possible to write back to SSAS server using Power BI and store comments per line item on the report. Could it be stored in a    separate table or a dediated column can be created on a dimensional table to capture those comments.Has anybody ever  seen a solution like this or suggest an approach?

In case that is not possible , is it possible that we write back to Oracle Database from Power BI and then refresh the SSAS server models in real time in order to reflect  on the report . Please advise what are the recommended solution to achive this .


PowerApps ? or what are the options please !  


Thanks In adv.

Super User V
Super User V

Re: Writeback to Oracle database or SSAS server

Currently the only write back option is a PowerApps visual.


I am not aware of any other visual that lets you enter text on the fly.  If there is one then you could potentially use R or Python script for the write back.

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Re: Writeback to Oracle database or SSAS server

While trying to writeback we have done a POC using R . There we can select something from drop-down that gets inserted on Oracle DB . We are battling while taking input from user on BI screen and then insert into the DB.


Any idea ?

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