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Advocate II
Advocate II

Where are the "see records" columns setup?



When I right-click on a visualization report, I get the "see records" option, I click on it, and I get the right number of records but a column that I'd like displayed as well, is not showing, I can add it while being in the "see records" section, but once I click on "back to report", then it's gone.


I reviewed the table's definition and it's including it. How can I add a column in that section and make it stay? where is the "see records" setup?


Thanks a lot!



New Member

I agree with the rest that this functionality needs to exist.

Helper I
Helper I

Still no fix??

Not applicable

There's still no fix.  I discovered recently that you may be able to use a drill through page as a work around for this in some situations.  At least in a matrix filters for the cell you are on are passed through to the drill through page.  You can setup a table on that page with whichever columns you want to have visible

Frequent Visitor

Terribly frustrating that Microsoft hasn't yet fixed.  The workaround I have used is to edit the query by duplicating the column(s), change the type of the duplicate to text and then reorder as needed.  This has worked for me.

Frequent Visitor

Agree no fix for two years is terribly frustrating.  The workaround I have used is to edit the query by duplicating the column(s) you want to make visible in See Records, and then change the type of the duplicate column to text.  That has worked for me.

Frequent Visitor

Really want this feature.


My work around is to create a simple visualization that uses a calculated field that adds up all the values you want included. Then you can see records on that 'box' / button.

Frequent Visitor

How is this isue not solved. It has been nearly 2 years.

Agree whole heartedly. It has been proposed several times as an idea, has gained the most traction.


As it stands it looks like a half completed feature that was put into production to cross it off a feature requirement list.

Not applicable

was searching for solution... and got into this topic. 


I was searching for the same solution.   My users need to be able to view the entire record as well.  I can configure which columns to show, but there doesn't seem to be a way to save the columns selected when you return to the visualization.   I'm trying to move them away from giant printed spreadsheets on 11x17 paper, but can't do it if they can't see the details behind the "pretty graph."

Regular Visitor

Also need this addressed. Would just like to customize the columns people can view when they click "See Records"

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This is the work around that worked for me.  I wrote a query to join the tables and  include the columns I want to have available for "see records".



Same request. How to customize the columns in the "see record" feature? 

Regular Visitor

We are also needing this feature. We'd like to configure the columns, column order, and custom titles for "View Records", and then have that persisted when it is viewed later. Currently, it looks like this has to be manually set each time the record data is viewed from a report.

Frequent Visitor

Would like customizable "See records" also. As DJ Khaled once said "Another One"

This is ridiculous - whoever put this together should be fired - they left an incomplete/in properly implemented feature go into production. Christ -- didn't they even test this out?

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BUMP! Can we get a fix pleeeeeeeease???

Not applicable

Is this a feature add I can vote for? It's a complaint I get from my end users that the records aren't helpful as they have to weed through the junk columns. I added some to the tool tips but if you get too many the hover pop up becomes usless. 



New Member

Yep, this function is needed by me as well, so adding a bump.

Frequent Visitor

This feature is very needed.  The end users need to resolve scenarios where records don't meet certain criteria.  Hitting them with every value in the dataset is not efficient.  Hopefully this is coming soon!

Advocate I
Advocate I

I'm having the same issue. Can't get the See Records to show only the columns I want. After I rearrange in the See Records view, then click out and back in, the columns are not saved.

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