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What Exactly Can You Access in PowerBI with an Azure Application Permissions Token

I have code that retrieves an access token for a user using an implicit flow with an application defined to use Delegated Permissions.  All of that works fine.  Now...I'm trying to create an option that uses certificate-based authentication and Application Permissions.  I have the access token part working just fine, but I can't seem to find anything that I can access with the token.  Meaning, with a user token I can get my dashboards, datasets, reports, etc.  With an Application Permissions token, everything I try and access returns a 401 unauthorized error. 


The permission my Azure app has defined is View All Content In Tenant.  So when I have a token with that permission, what exactly is it that I can access via the Power BI REST API?  I've scoured a ton from Bing search and haven't found anything that describes that.  With most services, an Application Permissions token actually gives you rights to more content than Delegated Permissions (because it's not constrained by a user identity), so I'm looking for what I can get at in Power BI with an Application Permissions token.