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Variable Format Options for Custom Visual

I am trying to develop a custom visual with a variable number of format options.

The visual is a gauge with a user-defined number of colored bands.  The user should be prompted to enter an integer to define the number of colored bands/ranges in the guage, followed by that number of color-picker fields.



Number of Ranges: 3

Color 1: ???

Color 2: ???

Color 3: ???



Number of Ranges: 2

Color 1: ???

Color 2: ???


How does the object/dataPoint/properties get defined to specify the variable number of Color properties?

(See blue code below)

    "objects": {
        "dataPoint": {
            "displayName": "Data colors",
            "properties": {
                "ranges": {
                    "displayName": "Number of Ranges",
                    "type": {
                        "numeric": true
                "colors": {
                    "displayName": "Color <x>",
                    "type": {
                        "fill": {
                            "solid": {
                                "color": true
} } },

Thanks in advance.