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Using REST API for data refresh

Facing some issues while trying to refresh published datasets on different groups using PowerBI API


Here is what I have done so far:

1. Created a client Id for my application on

2. Get call using GET to get all my listed workspaces along with their group Ids.

3. Passing each group Id at a time to get dataset Ids & names associated with each of the group Ids using GET{group_id}/datasets

4. Creating a table object which would store the group Id & its associated dataset id & using this object to pass one item at a time to refresh dataset api i.e. POST{group_id}/datasets/{dataset_id}/refreshes



1. The refresh POST call does work fine but when I see online on the powerBI portal then the datasets which do not have 'Schedule Refresh = ON' fail to refresh the dataset. 

2. Also the POST call works fine on datasets which do not have a gateway defined, but when opening the powerbi portal, it shows that the refresh has failed.


Clarification needed:

1.  How is the architecture of these REST API's ? Do they invoke the powerBI gateway service & then refresh the datasets ?

2.  Is there a way where we can by pass the issue # 1 mentioned above ?

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