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Using Power BI Query to submit a PUT API request to obtain authorization token for GET API

Probably a beginner question here.


Trying to access a third party vendor API (GET).  It requires an authorization token based on user supplied ID and password through a PUT API.  Is there a way to use a Power BI query to get the authorization token.  Once that is done is there a way to ensure it is dynamically included in the power BI query GET API?  I think I need to include the PUT in the header somehow, but I am not able to figure this out.

The PUT API is structured as follows:



Request Type: PUT

Parameter Content Type: application/json

Body Parameters:


"Username": "string",

"Password": "string",


Response: {

"Data": {

"access_token": "xbxbssgdgdgdgdgdggdgd",

"token_type": "bearer"


"KeyValue": null,

"IsSuccessful": true,

"Errors": null


The get API is as follows


Any help is greatly appreciated


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