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Helper III
Helper III

Using Cookies




There is an old post that states that cookies were not allowed:


My data connector depends on OAuth Authentication and using cookies is a part of the authentication. All this while, I was trying to use cookies as a request header for my api calls from a long time and have not had any success. I have looked at pretty much everything thats available on the internet about cookies(unfortunately, there is nothing much you can learn from those posts as they are different questions about cookies but no concrete response or resolution so far). 

Considering the above post was dated back in 2018, does power query work with cookies now?

I've seen a few other different posts after 2018 and they are again questions with no proper responses. 

There is no documentation about cookies from Microsoft. 

I've built a data connnector and going through the cookies process is the stage thats holding me. What I'm trying to achieve. 


1. Retrive the access_token. 
2. Send the access_token as a request header and make an API call to our cookie url and in postman, the cookie request header is automatically added. I've tried using fiddler to understand this. 
3. Make different api calls using access_token and cookies as request headers to get the data and build dashboards. 


My first step is successful. I'm retrieving the access_token and sending it as a request header to my cookie url but there should be an addition of cookie header as well which is being added automatically in postman. I want to get through this in power query and need the information that is not available online. 

Appreciate any helpful response. 

Helper III
Helper III

Hello Team


I'm still chasing for the information on cookies. I would appreciate any response.

Helper III
Helper III

Its been quite some time and I'm still trying to get information on this. I know we would go out of vacation soon or some would already be on vacation. I would appreciate any inputs before we all head out to our vacation. 


Wishing you all happy holidays. 

Helper III
Helper III

Does anyone have any inputs on this. I would appreciate any response. 

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