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vilmarci Frequent Visitor
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Use another query result as text parameter

I need to pass a json document as body to another Graph API query.

The source where I want to get the parameter data is:

rooms = Json.Document(Web.Contents("",[ Headers = [#"Content-Type"="application/json"] ] ))

The source data that comes from Graph API like:

  "@odata.context": "$metadata#Collection(microsoft.graph.emailAddress)",
  "value": [
      "name": "Room1",
      "address": ""
      "name": "Room2",
      "address": ""

The desired result is the following JSON is. What I want from another query is the first, "schedules" part:


"schedules": [
"startTime": {
"dateTime": "2019-03-01T09:00:00",
"timeZone": "Central European Time"
"endTime": {
"dateTime": "2019-04-01T09:00:00",
"timeZone": "Central European Time"
"availabilityViewInterval": "15"

I can extract the column I need:

    rooms = Json.Document(Web.Contents(roomsurl,[ Headers = [#"Content-Type"="application/json"] ] )),
    roomsvalue = rooms[value],
    #"roomstable" = Table.FromList(roomsvalue, Splitter.SplitByNothing(), null, null, ExtraValues.Error),
    #"roomaddress" = Table.ExpandRecordColumn(#"roomstable", "Column1", {"address"}, {"schedules"})

But I couldn't find how can I convert this list back to a json text. If I try this:

    jsaddress = Json.FromValue(#"roomaddress"),
    tx = Binary.ToText(jsaddress)

, that returns a binary object as text, not the json text. Can somebody please help me out?

Finally, I need to put this JSON text in the following query in place of "params"


schedules = Json.Document(Web.Contents("",[ Headers = [#"Content-Type"="application/json"], Content = Text.ToBinary(params) ] ))

Thank you for the help.